Democracy has hit its 70s
Standing in the corner of each road
Distributing pamphlets of rights and rules.

Passersby ignore it.
Some takes
Some skips
Some changes their path
Some takes U turn
Some makes distance from it
A few takes and move forward
And threw it.

The entire road is thrashed by pamphlets
Or it’s the bits and parts of the entity?

One stands to him
Takes the paper
And read it.
Questioned he stands.

The OLDY mocks at him
He is ashamed, annoyed
And angry with same expression.

He walks forward
And threw the paper
In the same pile scattered on the road…

A small child on the other end
Sees the man with twinkling
Eyes with hopes of unknown
But, he has his hands held by
One who is called mother.

The Power arrives
To Catch democracy
The entire road is poured again
This time by democracy’s hand
With the guidelines, rules and regulations
Which he owned.

Tears with the hopes of right
dwells from the eyes
Of that boy on the other side
The twinkles ends
Fear creeps.

There’s an exchange of gaze
Which gives him a message
He picks a paper
And try to read it
He believes it
He takes oaths to make
Other believe it.

More tears pours out his eyes
He knows
The way he has taken to is
much more difficult now.


Indian Ruminations, Editorial Team


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