Stream flows in my heart
as it flows years ago
your words still in my mind
with the swelling echoes,
as an enchanting tranquil dew
in the eyes of eternity
on the petals of spring
with the fragrance of lily
in the breeze
dear Buddha, you dwell
in my heart,
” Work out your own salvation, do not depend on others”,
your words like balm
console me dear
in the barbs of pain,
clad in humility
made truth and love as your feet
you walk through time
your name reverberates
in the firmament, I feel,
my soul throbs as a thirsty man
to see you again
in this unending universe
somewhere ….
I hear the universe
sings the song of love
with you
with my heart.

P A Noushad is a poet, educator and athlete from Kozhikode District, Kerala. He won many recognitions as an English Poet. He received appreciation letter from Queen Elizabeth, England for his anthology of poems. He represented India with good performance in the World Masters Athletic Championship, Australia (2016) in running events.


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