The Rainy dream – Anjana Krishnakumar, Chennai


Misty the eve was,
As you walked into the room,
They called you snowy wind,
But I called you friend.

Misted thy hands were,
As you touched my hands,
They called you rains,
But I called you lust.

Minted your taste was,
As you kissed my lips,
They called you down pour,
But I called you love.

We stood together,
Beside the lanes of emptiness,
Immersed and Involved,
Alas, you disappeared
Waving a bye to me.

But I remained there,
Waiting for you to return,
You made arrivals,
Invisibly and emotionally.

Unknown I stood there,
Waiting for you to return
They said you came,
But I said, never.

Slowly I saw you,
Embracing me in all delight,
I felt you within me,
And I woke up.

It was a dream!!
The rainy afternoon trance,
O’ Rains, Pour on,
As I fall into thy arms!!


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