Let your priorities succeed,
Redeem the costly beats,
It is very brief for indecisions,
It is very brief for vacillations,
Many argues for a fight,
Fight among nations, a bit dear,
But even for decision makers,
But very heavy for fighters,
Unbearable for those revolving around,
It’s a short clock, which ticks a few,
Valorize it while moving,
Get some treasures into your orbit,
Lest it’s highly volatile, which doesn’t
Seem you while on-board,
Dare the brevity of life.

Rijin Rajan is a mechanical engineer, by profession, founder of ScienceGeeks, an organisation aimed to inculcate scientific temper among school children with a motto of ‘Promote Science, Develop Technology and Advance Life.’ a writer, student activist, and social activist.


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