images (1)She was conceived,

with happiness in mind,

but her family did not,

turnout to be so kind.

Seeing her the first time,

the happiness of her mother did sublime,

And she was left in the mid of a whirl,

for, she was a little girl…..


She was sent to study,

with half a mind.

A joy in her grooming,

her family did not find.

She was nothing more,

than a liability,

and all she got,

was merely adversity.

She was by now used to it,

but still her heart questioned the whirl,

as within the grown up woman,

there was still the little girl…..



Her married life was no better,

her moist eyes got wetter.

She was, as always, forced to bend,

and made to stand on the receiving end.

Her senility got her even more neglect,

and her disease desertation, lest she others’ infect.

Her death brought her jeer,

like her birth had brought all but cheer.

From cradle to funeral pyre,

all she got is ire.

Is this what her future will ever unfurl,

just because she is but a little girl?


Indian Ruminations, Editorial Team


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