A Thousand Love Affairs – Monalisa Dash, Toronto, Canada


I am in love
With the air I breathe
With the sky which holds me in place
With the water which keeps me alive
With the fire that burns inside me
With the earth which nourishes me
I am in love
Not only with a boy with the sun-kissed skin
But with all life forms around me
I love you the way you are
Right from the start

When you’re dumb
when you’re smart
My love does not discriminate

If you’re tall
If you’re short

If you’re pretty
Or just an ugly frog

I love you if you’re toothless
I love you if you’re blind
Anything that’s wrong with you
To me you’ll be fine.
My heart is opening up now
Unlike it used to do
While falling in love with the creation and the creator
I see the pain that’s in your heart
and sometimes I feel it too
I am in true love, in a real bliss of light
My heart blossoms as there is no place for heartbreak, despair or dark abyss.


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