To Irom Shormila – Latha Prem Sakhya


I dedicate the twin poems from my book Nature at my door step(2011) with lots of admiration, love and prayers to the living legend Irom Shormila who has been fasting from the year 2000 onwards fighting for her people’s freedom.

To Irom Shormila

Your sacrifice to redeem a people

Surviving persecution fills me with pride

To be part of the same humanity.

Yet it shames me – a passive witness

To your torture of body and soul

For a cause so noble.

Separated by geographical distance

I cling on to your invisible hand

Empathizing with your struggle.

A smouldering volcano,

Strengthening you,

Expressing my solidarity –

So that our sisters and brothers

Soon taste the air of freedom

And live without fear.

Latha prem Sakhya

To Live Freely

What can I do for my people?

Greatest love in the world-

Sacrificing your life for your friend.

This is my way of showing love!

Dying inch by inch to change stone hearts.

What else can a frail creature like me do?

This, I see as my destiny!

Some one will see me!

Some one will hear me!

After twenty-eight dormant years

I live vibrantly now

For a mute people.

Ten wintry years – yellow leaves

Falling silently,

Wrought no changes.

I brushed not my teeth

In fear that a drop of water

Be swallowed to defeat the cause.

My body and soul dedicated

To ensure freedom for my people

To fearlessly survive the iron rod of the oppressor.

Latha prem Sakhya


  1. Dear Latha prem Sakhya- my gratitude and love to you for your tender heart and support to Sharmila- a shame to our Government- many times I think of writing on her- you boost my desire-

    Aju Mukhopadhyay


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