Who am I – Chetan Hari


goldfish-bowls-fursryferret81I’m standing in the land
Surrounded by lust green
And forgotten,
I hear myself in the
Nature dug grave,
I see myself in the crystal
often running by age,
I choose myself to be the ruler and chieftain;
I’m the strongest and vastly being vanity .

I profound an abrupt
and sounding rage,
It held folks of his own  prey,
I held my weapons
and guided a war,
to claim the solicit for newly found
I archieve their martyrs
and follow my order to dictate;

As nights followed days,
Circle became wheels,
Arms became ammunitions;
As Ancient leagues were erased,
I stand in a battle
With a weaken torso,
and stronger amour;
But this time,
the race against
my own race!


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