Wisdom Capsules from the Diary of the Visionary of Truth belongs to the category of self-help books. But unlike the run-of-the-mill books that belong to the category, this book is not about any shortcuts or step-by-step approach to success. Rather, this book gives light to the path taken by the Visionary of Truth and gives a peek into his diary. There are no offers and no quick fixes. But this book is sure to stay by your reading list with its unique vision of the world and human experience. As I was reading, I had this strange thought that the Visionary of Truth is none other than the Author himself.

The book can be read in any order and motivation is not the ingredient but the end result. The author has understood the very essence and fabric of life. The clarity of vision, once assimilated would inspire and motivate us to a better living. But this process of being at peace with oneself and the world might take years. This book might just offer a clearer path to that state of existence.

The author, Debashis Barah, has imbibed years of experience and has given us a book to guide us for the years and many varied experiences ahead. The easy-to-read language and the ability to navigate to different parts of the book add to the uniqueness of the book. This book is one to read and RE-read at different junctures of our living. I am sure that at each instance the experience would be different. For a book that states on the outset that there are no easy solutions, this book has many pearls of wisdom to grab and keep.

(The book is available in print/eBook format in Amazon/Flipkart/Kindle. For more details, please visit the author website: www.capsulewisdom.in)


Indian Ruminations, Editorial Team


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