Miles to go


3579634715_4521650cb9_mIndian Ruminations once again rededicate itself to motivate and promote Indian English Writing, especially the budding ones. We are extremely pleased that already hundreds of budding writers have got a platform to air their voice and exhibit their talents. They have been brought to the main stream writing and given chances to interact with some veteran writers through our gatherings and fests. We have touched so many social issues and brought them to the day light for greater social awareness especially in the time of enormous selfishness. The plight of students like Rohit Vemula reminds us once more to proceed our journey in that direction too. Books of new writers and anthologies have been brought out by our associate firm, Roots&Wings publishing. We have also successfully conducted a national level as well as international level fest each.  We are extremely thankful to all the writers, readers, technical people, media and well wishers to have supported us through the thick and thin of the journey.

We have so many plans on the platter for the year 2016. We hope that this year will be the most vibrant and fruitful year with your support. Heeding to the request of many writers and literary research scholars, we are planning to add a separate section for publishing peer reviewed research papers in English Literature. A nominal review fee of Rs. 500 will be charged per paper. Up to five papers may be published in an issue if enough papers are accepted by the experts. Publishing an anthology, including all the writers at through Roots & Wings, our associate publishing firm is also on the drawing board. Join our journey, we have miles to go.

Chief Editors

 Sandhya S.N. &  J.T.Jayasingh


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