monsoonWe are experiencing the monsoon season now. Monsoon is a special season for India, especially for Kerala. This rainy season hides in itself many surprises, both blessings as well as curses. Sometimes the gentle and beautiful rains sprinkle on the earth and make it lush green and sparkle everywhere but there are other times it takes a horrendous avatar by flooding, gushing and killing people. Whatever be the face of monsoon it is a very vital season for poets and writers. The gentle coolness, dark surroundings, the gurgling sound of water all around and of course the peculiar sounds produced by unknown creatures create a magical ambiance. Can there be a better brooding ground for poets and writers than monsoon?

For creative people there is enough food for their senses and thoughts. They brood over the pleasures and pains of life and beget beautiful creations. In the present issue you will sure experience it.  IR team’s special monsoon wishes to all our writers and readers.

Sandhya S.N & J.T Jayasingh

Chief Editors


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