Rebuild, not with profit, but with Nature


Natural disasters cannot be prevented but, we can take precautionary measures at different levels of society to minimize its impact on the people and their properties. Following the great flood of 2018, Kerala this year also face a kind of great flood with massive landslides. We have lost 100s of lives and properties in the disaster.  In this occasion we have to find out a better way out. We have justified our natural exploitation in the name of developmental needs amidst warnings from the experts. It is to be thought of that meaningful protection of environment in Kerala is not anymore a luxury slogan, but it is the most urgent development strategy that the region has to adopt.

The brighter side of the flood is that it exposed the power of youth. Without any invitation, they extended their support to all affected victims irrespective of victim’s identity through community action and voluntary initiatives. Their unanimity in standing together with the affected throughout the time shows the direction of future. The post-flood humanity is nothing but the political model in order to build our social life in the coming days. Flood demands deconstructing all political as well as economic models based on profit; and to facilitate a spirit of universal togetherness and eco-friendly development strategies.

Sandhya S.N
Chief Editor, Indian Ruminations


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