Rise Women Rise


History of women’s life and their struggles for freedom has witnessed innumerable ups and downs by now since time immemorial from being an equal partner to being a subservient slave. In the current situation, when in advanced countries women in general enjoy enviable equal opportunities and respect, there are growing countries like India where a lot of violence and stumbling blocks are popping up here and there against them alongside their march towards empowerment. In a time when several feministic terms have become cliché, what women have to do now more than never before is to come out more forcefully and explore all walks of life.

The present unrest in India against women is a sign that the enemy is in panic. The sudden rise of women in different aspects of life in the last decades has culminated and triggered the panic button. Now women have to be careful. They should not panic and go back; rather they have to come forward to explore newer avenues that they have not conquered yet. Especially they have to step into the avenues of power. Today politics and entrepreneurship are the main areas of power and the world is controlled by politicians and entrepreneurs. By spreading their wings in these two areas, women can write a new script. Women, your monster is agitated, this is the time, go protect yourself. 


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