Do you want heaven? – N Suresh, Chennai


Every human being wants to attain heaven – which is a standard & common prayer.

Each individual by his heart, words, body and mind if follows ethics, visualizes with his inner eyes that God resides in his soul, and realises that eternal beauty – i.e. what known as wisdom of soul, which our ancestors have taught us.

Each individual to not fall in the pit of hell should escape from the three highly dangerous evils – desire, anger and avarice.

There are three types of desires – man/woman pleasure, material pleasure and ruling desire. Anger is like the thrown ball which returns back. Yes, when something is desired and not attained, it turns back as disappointment to trigger anger. Avarice is the desire on money persistently!

Desire and anger might fade while getting old. It will reduce and should reduce! -but greed (avarice) on money never stops for a human even as many years of life passes by.

Should human not have desire? Buddha who never wanted desires but he had a desired to have a desire-free universe! Like this many queries might rise in human’s mind.

The thoughts which rise in human’s mind should be converted to good desires and in the process of this conversion one should be selfless, without any expectation of fame, then it’s a genuine one!

The lock and key are the same but if turned one side it locks and opens if turned other side. Same way one should turn one’s desires to holy things. If the thoughts are aligned in right direction, evil desires will not get near. It is inevitable!

Next is anger – what should be done o to curb this?

Anger should be executed only against the evil attitudes within self. To curb anger and attain holiness, the person should constantly do practices. With such constant efforts, there is a freedom from anger and which is certain!

A person should understand the reality that God has given excess wealth to share with the poor people. With money only three things can be done.

One, is to experience the wealth during one’s life time. Two, is to leave it for the next generation. And third, is to donate to charity. Apart from this there is no other deployment with the wealth/monies.  Not even a single penny could be taken, while a person goes to heaven.

This is the reason our ancestors have guided us to be away from desire, money and greed. If we live with this holy thinking, one can feel the bliss shadow of heaven in this earth itself!