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A software professional by profession and a writer by preference from Noida, Avantika is an avid reader with a deep interest in penning short-stories that reflect the myriad shades of the world around her. With an untrained approach to writing, she hopes to bring forth a freshness unmarred by conventions.

Reva couldn’t keep herself from glancing at the windowsill one more time… and smiled.

The windowsill was one place that she could call her own in the house.. Amidst rooms that were designed by her father-in-law and upholstery that was chosen by her mother-in-law and furniture chosen by Tatva, her husband.. This windowsill by the kitchen was her own space in the house…and she tended to it lovingly, planting her daisies and fuchsias and cacti.

This is all that you can have dear, high-rises don’t allow for gardens” was all Tatva replied before returning to his book when as a-day-old bride she had mentioned her passion for plants..

So be it… Never the one to sulk, she had transformed the ledge into a haven for her flowers..

Not just a thing of beauty… The place was also her pride…

Now that’s a pretty window! Reva.. You have the most amazing flowers in the city.. I could never get a bouquet that could stand against those.. So I got you chocolates instead“… the guests were unanimous in their appreciation and beaming within, she would accept the compliments graciously.

Amidst her collection, a special place of honor was for her Camellias. Pearly whites with just a touch of blushing hue, they reminded her of all things she had held sacred as a child… White sands and Snow and Bridal gowns.

All things white.. So pure… So pristine.

Among the harsh practicalities of life this one color formed an oasis of peace. And she nurtured her plants with all her care…

But when Eti, her childhood friend, a botanical expert and somewhat of a minor celebrity in Flower-shows in the city, had a word of advice for them- “Colored ones.. Pinks and Violets and Yellows.. They are a rage these days… show stealers all the way! Those will look spectacular against the pale walls and they age later too.. And all you need is to add this vial to the manure“.

She did listen to her…if for nothing else then to break tedium of her routine.

True to Eti’s word the results were spectacular…

Deep… Rich… Vibrant color…

Often while standing at the window she could see people passing below admiringly look up at her flowers. And while she always ducked behind the curtains on occasions like these, this silent appreciation warmed her heart

Nevertheless, novelty has but a fleeting hold… as the novel morphs into the ordinary, one wishes back for the good old past to return.. And as the weeks went by with the charm of the new colors wearing off, Reva too was longing for the pale beauty of her white camellias… longing for their lasting glory of the older days…

Eti however couldn’t help this time “It’ll take a while to go Reva… Depends on how much have the roots taken in.. Can’t say for certain”… and with each new bloom Reva checked if the color was fading…

Forget about them… Or darn it! Just throw them off.. Get a new sapling” Tatva too was getting fed up.

And slowly she let go… Just watering the plants and turning about.. She tended to them as a duty now… Not bothering to check if any new blooms were there… Not noticing even as the colors gradually faded…

Until today, when a streak of white caught her eye..

The newest bloom on the plant was white. She checked again to be sure. Yes the bud was white. Pearly white like it had always been before.

Her pristine beauties were back… With just that much needed touch of the sanguine hue.


  1. Avantika, the deeper the roots the longer they stand the vagaries of weather and other pressures of everyday life….a wakeup call for all the youngsters….Simple and homely style…do keep writing 🙂

  2. I truly believe that the opening line for any literary piece sets the tone and tenor for the rest to come. Yours was lovely. I actually smiled with Reva. 🙂 Keep up the good work Avantika.


  3. Thanks a lot Siri! And thats a very good observation on the opening line.. something for me to remember ahead 🙂

  4. A fresh melancholic hope emanates in this simple extract. gripping and rare. expecting more of such pristine ones. god bless.

  5. A woman’s struggle for her own space is reflected in your story beautifully. Good language. Keep up the good work!!


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