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Oh! Bearded man – J.T. Jayasingh


05458-Dog-involved-in-a-roaI know you, you bearded I have been groaning with extreme pain since 2am. Perhaps it was not the mistake of the lorry driver. All happened when I crossed the road in full speed chasing a wild cat that had been a nuisance to my master and his family. I had taken an oath to kill it for the sake of my master… I feel a fated pain through my spinal cord. I think the back wheel of the lorry rolled over my back and the spinal cord is broken…

man. Now I can make out the kindness in your wild eyes. You are feeling pity upon my fatal condition even though I have showed my bad temper upon you time and again. I am sorry, extremely sorry. All I have done because of my exceeding love towards my master. Something blocked my eyes then to see the love and kindness on your face. Can you please help me, oh bearded man?

Since morning several people have passed through the road, seeing my condition and some became extremely happy. They said,  “we couldn’t sleep because of its barking. Now we can sleep peacefully”. Oh they simply did not know how many thieves, snakes and wild cats I had chased from their vicinity while they were peacefully sleeping. But I can’t speak out.

Surprisingly it was my master’s friends (they were my friends too) who have shown a different face to me this morning. It was a beggar who came near to me in the morning, rubbed my back and took me to the side of the road. Oh! In this death bed, life is so confusing.

Till Chithran’s (a coolie in the bus stand) arrival I had thought my master with his son, Rohit and daughter, Romy (who I loved the most in the world) would come and take me to the hospital like what they did when their grandmother was sick. I was extremely shocked when Chithran reported what my master had said upon hearing the news of my accident. He had told Chithran, “I can’t cure Tiger. It would be expensive. Please don’t tell anybody it is my dog”.

I should say I had been treated like a royal prince by my master, Rohit and Romy. They poured more love upon me than what they showed to each other. They played with me, pampered me and kissed me. My God! I’m confused, I’m confused. Upon my death bed I don’t understand why they loved me so much, why they are distancing themselves from me now, I don’t know.

My Breed, the dogs I’ve chased for human beings are showing more love and consideration towards me in this condition. But I know they can’t help me, they too are helpless.

The pain is spreading all through the body. My vision is slowly dimming. Oh bearded man I see the kindness in your eyes. But you can’t take the risk of helping me even though you are extremely willing to do it. It’s ok, I know after all, you are a human being.

When I was two, I first saw Lucy. She had the colour of lily and texture of velvet. She was the pet of our next door neighbor. I felt some unknown joy in me which I hadn’t experienced till then. Our love slowly grew up. She loved me like anything. But all ended sadly when my master found me licking her cute face one day. He became devil like and thrashed me brutally. It was confusing and slowly I learned that I was destined to show all my love only to my master. I can’t have a sweet heart, I can’t have my own kids. Since then I have been completely loyal to my master and never turned to Lucy.

Oh! My Lucy would be broken hearted if she saw me in this condition. At least she would pray for me.

Oh! Bearded man should we dogs love humans anymore? Should we sacrifice our love, family and generation only to gratify your lust for love which you can’t exchange each other?

Oh my eyes are getting blurred……………. the pain is reaching my brain. Oh kind bearded man…………….

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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