One day suddenly… – Dr. Manu Batra, Uttarakhand


One day suddenly ……… I was woken by door bell , it was noon time I was in busy playing IGI game on my lappy. I had came home for couple of days .my room was on first floor and mom had went to office around 10 , so there was no one in house except me ,it was too harsh for a such lazy guy to see who is on the door !

Hatefully I paused the game, ate an apple lying next to my bed on table as a starters for my breakfast. As I was searching my slippers to put in the door bell again ranged.

Now I got a bit jittery and angry.”Can’t he wait for couple of minutes” I told myself.

As I started coming from stairs, I was thinking that who might be the person on the gate. Sandeep ‘Nagra’ my friend can be the culprit as he has yesterday bought new bike, so he might have come to take me off for the ride and roam in the market also as the bike’s manufacturer had given him the job of popularizing his new launch!

If he is not than hm……..Shikha might be have arrived, my elder sister working in Mumbai .two of us fight so much that even on internet also we just keep on pushing each other .when we meet after a long gap , god save the house and the residents ! still now as we are now grownups , the wars are ceased , now when she comes back , she always bring something for me, so she is now my sweet sister irrespective of childhood feuds. But she was about to come at around 8 in the evening, and one thing I am sure trains can be late but they can never be before time!

The next candidate can be the compounder of the hospital next to our house .the staff of hospital including the doctor comes to know when I come home from college as I love listening the music in high volume and that too with high bass !as I was playing IGI the sound effects of the game includes gun firing sirens .staff members of hospital had several times pleaded me to reduce the volume and had also complained to my mom!

The doctor also had spoken to me , tried to emotionally tame me “son , you are also on verge of becoming a doctor , you should follow the ethics .” at that time I used to nod as I was most descent chap around! As she turned back on me , my devil horns were up in a flash!

If my guess is not right than hm……… next person which comes in my mind is our Gardner “mali bhaiya”, seeing him since I was kid , had done lots of gardening with him along that I have also broken and vandalized the flowers while playing cricket. He always said “Manu bhaiya, I spend so much time in maintaining the lawn and you all brats take just couple of minutes to destroy it!’ Now I had a answer to him jokingly “now I am out of town, there is no one to harm these plants now ”. He also chipped back “whenever you come in holidays let your mother know so that she can warn me beforehand and I can save some of plants”!

The sun was baking as it was almost noon, as I finished the steps there was a porch to pass on. From there the person on the gate seemed to be wearing a green dress, my first reaction was road traffic constable! yesterday I have escaped the traffic police check post , the constable whistled behind me but I flew as I didn’t have the driveling license as well as the papers of my bike! So I selected the other way …I was hoping that they had noted my number and sent the “chalan” at home or will convict me on more serious offense. My heartbeat was increasing. Still I keep moving towards the main gate.

Finally as the person became clear, I took sigh of relief! He was not the policeman, he was postman!

By seeing my reaction he was bit inquisitive “what happened, why are you shock” he asked jokingly

I grinned at him back and tried to erase my expressions. he gave me an envelope for which he was here and made my brain to work so much in the guessing work! As I turned my back and was about to see the post the postman once again spoke in his teasing voice “5 rupees bhaiya , there was no ticket on envelope . You have to pay.”

I gave him a hateful look and was about to search my pockets for 5 rupee coin , in the process I read the sender’s address , it was from my college . I was sure what it would be inside as I was expecting that too. This time I was sure that my guess will be correct.

As I opened the envelope, out came my attendance sheet which showed several stars in front of various subjects!

I thanked god and took out 50 rupees note from my pocket and gave to postman and said him to keep the change! First look of him was a bit confused one but when I winked at him he understood and off he went and off went my attendance too!!


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