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FictionYour Attention Please! - Selva Ganapathy, Tamilnadu

Your Attention Please! – Selva Ganapathy, Tamilnadu


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New Delhi : 22nd December, 2010 , 17.20 hours

“Your kind attention please!, this is the final boarding call for the passengers travelling in Indian Airlines flight IC-810 to Mumbai, I repeat.. IC-810 to Mumbai. Passengers are requested to proceed for boarding through Gate No 22A”….

Priya just was through the security check and was waiting for her bag to pass through the x-ray clearance. She picked her bag to look for her mobile. It read there was a text from Karthik.. “Yes.. i’d be in the meeting at Colaba till 9.30.. will talk to you after that!… miss you :)”.

Believe me… Priya was literally flying even before she boarded her flight!.. she could never imagine that she could give Karthik such a surprise and she just remembered that morning conversation with Karthik.. “I know it’s is our anniversary Karthik, but this business deal is never going to come again, Sunita will never give us time again and you understand that!… moreover we’ll be soon together in the next couple of days and we’ve got an entire evening for us together next week!”….

She could really appreciate the forced smiling “good evening madam!” uttered by the pretty old lady air hostess for the first time :D… to add more height to her flight came the text from Sunita saying she’d be happy to meet Priya the next week as they were looking forward for the deal with them!….

When the lights were dimmed for take off Priya just closed her eyes to remember the afternoon

New Delhi : 22nd December, 2010, 15.15 hours

Arvind was little bit nervous as the time kept running as he had to leave by 3.30 p.m. He picked his phone and rang Priya. When he got connected Priya said I’m there in 2 minutes and she did.

A smile, hand shake and a hello were exchanged… “You were late by 17 minutes Priya!”..

“I’m sorry Arvind.. we can extend this meeting till 4.00 and I’m sure that you’ll get this deal!”.. said Priya….

“Thank you so much but I have to leave by 3.30, I’ll let this go”… replied Arvind with a smile

“You look like my father’s age!…Would you mind if I ask you what important work you have letting off a million dollor business Mr. Arvind”.

“I need to have tea in my home at 4.00 miss Priya!…”.. smiled Arvind

Mumbai : 22nd December, 2010, 21.30 hours

“Excuse me sir… your champagne!” relinquished the waiter to Karthik.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t order it”… said Karthik polietly holding the champagne which had a tagline which read please reach La Patisserie.

It was pretty unusal sight for Karthik when he was nearing it as all the lights were off. The moment he stepped in all the lights glittered with Priya on front with a bunch of flowers surrounded by their friends!…

“Happy Anniversary Karthik!”… smiled Priya… two drops of tears and a moment of silence followed by a warm hug summarized it all….

“how come Priya?…” exclaimed Karthik…

It’s so very true that love can dig out anything from you!… Priya realized :).

New Delhi, 22nd December 2010, 15.33 hours

Priya was puzzeled like what this man is talking… sitting in one of the cities best coffee outlet he is talking about having tea at home… weired she thought… Arvind could read it on her face… without letting her complicate more on her thoughts Arvind interupted “beta!, I need to have the tea with my wife….she is a patient who don’t remember anyone around her.. not even me as her husband… and if I don’t be there at 4 she’ll be missing her tea..”

“Since?”.. questioned Priya… “just last 3 years”… replied Arvind…

“Sorry again if you don’t mind she is not going to recognize you as her husband, then why you should be there?…” puzzled Priya

“right… she doesn’t recognize me as her husband but I still do… and attention is all what love needs isn’t it?’….

Priya went blank

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