Thursday, November 30, 2023

A night to remember

Stay up all night with me for once, I...


Book Review



“Wow, you look...” As soon as those words slipped...

Research Article

A revisit on Economic Nature of Higher Education – Praveen Pilassery

“Universities require constant infusion of resources to maintain and...

Education And Empowerment of Travancore Muslims: Rediscovering The Role of Vakkom Moulavi

Sajeena Beevi. A Research scholar University of Kerala Introduction Prior to the...



A Grey Matter – Why are intelligent Indians not celebrated in our movies?

There’s a forward all of us has received at some point of time. It talks about the percentages of Indian doctors in the US,...

Gulabo Sitabo: Mirza, Baankey and Fatima Mahal’s Tonga Ride Through Lucknow Life

Shoojit Sircar does what he does best - he reflects your life on screen and you go on with the flow. He has no protagonist or antagonist, just every character with their grey patches like we do. Because nothing inspires art more than life, ain't it?

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A night to remember

Stay up all night with me for once, I say Don’t complain we have work the very next day Step out and behold the magic of...


One day when I'm dead I'll be alive is how they put it at church and Sunday School and sometimes I believe and sometimes I don't and...

Long Reads

Fata Morgana

“Exquisite ghost,” says the martyr, the witness, “it is night.” "Where...