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“I believe, Buddha was the greatest poet on this planet earth.” – Nimal Dunuhinga, Poet, Sri Lanka


‘I am not a scholar, just a sailor, but I learned a few things from the Life-school. At last I found, Man does not belong to anybody, any race or any religion but he is an independent-nondescript mammal. The heaviest burden he carries is the Brain. Conclusion, I guess most of my poems and their concepts are based on the essence of Buddhist philosophy. My personal belief is that Buddha was the greatest poet on this planet earth’:— Nimal Dunuhinga

Having more than 1500 poems in in and, Nimal Dunuhinga is a promoinent voice among contemporary English poets. He is from Sri Lanka and currently staying in America, trying for a political asylum there. Deep sense of dark humour is the undercurrent of all his poems. Nimal doesn’t care the conventional concepts of English Grammar. He is a great fan of Malayalam cinema, particularly ‘Mathilukal’ by Adoor. He is a miser of words! Here is a small chat with him:

Premji : Nimal, can you give us a brief introduction on the birth of a poet in you?

Since my childhood I scribble & scribble.

Premji: Can you, please, share some personal details ?


Premji:  English is not your mother-tongue. Then why did you select English poetry as a medium of expression?


Premji : Who are your favorite writers?

Nimal :Nikos Kazantsakis & Takuboku Ishikawa

Premji: Do you write in any other language?

Nimal: Yes, mother tongue! Sinhalese

Premji: It is very interesting to note that you concentrate only on free verse. Why?

Nimal: Because don’t like barriers anymore.

Premji: It is amusing to note that your poems are not word paintings, they are very close to the pattern of short films. They are more dynamic and lot of conversation is included. Is there any specific reason behind this craft?

Nimal: Certainly, my endless dream to make a movie before they forget my name.

Premji: More than 1500 poems in itself! Will you share the secret?

Nimal: Nothing, only the inner pleasure.

Premji: How does globalization affect poetry?

Nimal: Much.

Premji: What is the role of internet in popularizing modern poetry? Please tell the virtues’ and evils.


Premji: Do you have any published anthology of poems?

Nimal: Yes, Soft soul’s lament and Sad toys of ishikawa translated into mother tongue.

Premji: What are your other areas of interest?

Nimal: Classical movies, sentimental music, paintings and sculpture.

Premji: What is the future of poetry in your perspective?

Nimal: Publish a booklet for the kind readers for free.

And the flower smiled – Nimal Dunuhinga

A nameless virgin flower just blooms in the thick jungle.
The hermit sniffs the fragrance and breaks his inner peace.
The flower invites him to her kingdom
And the hermit forgets his chants.
He mutters;
‘I practice my way of life since a long time with great principles.
But I feel now that I cannot move any further and I become a weaker.’

‘Master! I’ll teach you just a simple chant,
Love the flowers before they wither
And do meditation after they perished.’ The flower smiled.


a holyfool with a rusted soul!


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