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Ode to an Inkling
Isha Sharma

“Deep within, the Recluse and his Muse sit arm in arm.
Limbs intertwined in passion
The Recluse indulges his Muse,
Time forgotten, space confined.
I am without you, within you, the Muse muses
I am the screams of silence.”


Fata Morgana
Appu Ajith
The story takes the reader to the mystery and catharsis in the world of Vayu and Shirin.

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Aana Bharathi
Haritha T Chandran
The fiction sings the tale of three lives, scrapping through life in a dilapidated house.

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Saloni Mishra reviews the book ‘Half Mother’byShahnaz Bashir and engages in a contemplative approach to discuss how the fiction gives you the glimses of truth about the everyday life, the trauma and survival of Kashmiris.


Reconstructing our Solidarity with the Farmers’ Protest

Analysing the farmer’s protest from the perspective of federalism, Philose Koshy explores the ways we can reconstruct our format of solidarity.


An Ambedkarian Reading of India’s Tryst with Hindu Nationalism and Social Justice

Pallikonda Manikanta a research scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University writes an in-depth and well researched long essay on the rise of Hindu nationalism through an Ambedkarian lens.


Shudras and Democratic India

An excerpt from the excellent essay by Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd evaluating the history and political transformation of the shudras.

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Reconstructing our solidarity with the farmers’ protest

The controversial farm laws brought by the union government are essentially about the agricultural market. As the domains (Agriculture and the...

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It is becoming one year since Supreme Court of India made the controversial Sabarimala temple women entry verdict which divided the...

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