A free race cannot be born of slave mothers


On March 8th 2011, we celebrated 100th year of International Women’s Day. Even after hundred years of celebration, women continue to be the target of  atrocities in their daily life. It takes place in various forms in our homes, streets, buses, hotels, trains…. The discussions are world wide on the cause, effect relationship of these atrocities. Still women are exploited in forced labour in massage parlours, escort services, brothels, street prostitution and pornography.

Needless to say that women have achieved success  in all spheres of life, and have proved beyond doubt that they can do anything men can do and much more, but recognition and gender equality are still evading them. We being the largest democracy in the world could not till now be pass the Women Reservation Bill in the parliament and thereby empowering women who constitute about  fifty percent of population.

The equality between men and women cannot be established through mere laws or economic or educational developments. It can only be achieved by mutual understanding between them and with by a change of mindset in accepting basic humanitarian norms for all. Unfortunately even in last year of the twentieth century, we can’t say that we have progressed to this stage. Hence let us not discuss more on the topic, Let us not demonstrate further for it on any centres of governance.

You shall take a resolution at this moment even to be just sensitive to the women you interact in your life. Can you?

Sandhya S N
J T Jayasingh


  1. Your observation that understanding the sensitivity towards women as a human being touched the real note of life’s song. Women compliment men in every aspect as Lord Shiva even recognized taking her into His Half. Let women fulfill the destiny of mankind.


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