Recording and Reviewing Our Times


I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking.”- Christopher Isherwood

We have been in an elated mood ever since the launch of the web journal in the middle of May. Thousands of views (nearing a lac), hundreds of contributions and comments flooding in these days have given an impetus to continue our journey. Thank you contributors, thank you well wishers and above all, thank you viewers. We wish you all to be with us in this journey throughout.

The overflowing contributions have made us to expand the space for all genres and more literary works are included in the present issue. Since you are sending your works to an international audience make sure you are sending the best. Some works may not be published for various editorial reasons but won’t be sent back or informed since it is beyond our work load. Creating an open forum for discussion is seriously under consideration. To this forum anybody can discuss on the subject. The viewers are requested to comment on the post since those comments inspires the author to go better.

One mission of literature is recording the contemporary life. A time let passed unrecorded is a dark time. Hence let us take this as a mission: recording, viewing and reviewing our times for the sake of life.


  1. It would be extremely interesting to view comments on the posts and to respond to them. The open forum for discussion is an extremely good idea.

  2. Glad to learn that the website is read with avid interest. Its wonderful to share the thoughts. to understand what it means to be humane and the oneness that makes it. Let that be from here.

  3. so glad to know that an open forum for discussion is under consideration. It would be a tough job formulating a good format for an open forum. Such a forum may require a lot of storage space which also means expenditure. At present in there is such a forum known as Q&A. thanks !


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