It was on 6th January 2017 evening Jishnu Pranoy committed suicide in his hostel premises. He was the first year Dept. of Engineering student of NECRC, Pampady, Thrissur district of Kerala. According to what we know he was depressed after the accusation of malpractice in the first semester University examination by teachers on the same day afternoon. He left college office around 5.45 pm to hostel room where he later found hanged. The incident is leading to many debates on the non-democratic atmosphere of self financing colleges in Kerala.

Jishnu is originally from Nadapuram, an ordinary Malabar village with little urban amneties in the district of Calicut. He was not just a ‘mechanical’ mugging one but showed more interests in additional reading and experimentation. He dreamed for soaring skies (like Rohit Vemula) and used time in order to realize them. He even named his future company as Commons. He shared his dreams with his loving ones. He always spoke with a smile and also dare to raise questions. He raised questions in the class room to teachers for which they struggled to respond. It is not easy to say whether he tried to copy from a fellow student’s paper or not; but even if one did that how s/he should be treated?.
It is not a question about Jishnu, Rohit Vemula, Jossy Joy or Rajani S. Anand. What should be the nature of a campus? What should be the nature of teacher-student relationship? How student as young ones should be treated when committing mistakes? Do our teachers whether in public or in private colleges, trained professionally for the job? Do we have an institutional mechanism to address if any injustice happened against a student because he or she is a student, at the college or University level? Like this, questions are many. Do we have answers? No, we don’t. but asking such questions can alter the structural deface of our campus spaces.


Indian Ruminations, Editorial Team


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