‘Go Rhymes Go’ – Abhishek Rath, Orissa


Go rhymes, from my poetic heart,
As best as an eminent painter’s art.
Be not shy to collect all her feelings,
Return back quick and tell me her ailings….

Desolate she sits with wet eyes,
To impede the tears, hard she tries.
Go rhymes go, kiss the lass and come,
And I’ll present you on a paper, back home….

Never the weeping eyes looked beautiful more,
Her beauty hits my heart like tides hitting the shore.
Bearing the heaven’s light, my angel is here,
Go rhymes and awaken the hidden happiness in her….

Her enchanting smile is what I long to see,
Her eyes are deeper than the deepest of seas.
Her Love is prettier than the prettiest of maidens,
And My Love has touched the pinnacle of heavens….

Go rhymes go and present her a fancy garland,
After dragging her out from the weary land.
Bring me her tears which my eyes will shed,
Go rhymes go and return back blessed……



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