Victory – Chandra Mohan Bhandari, Gujarat


His eyes focused on the kite,

Flying above the tree,

His lips moved in unison with others,

And words came rhythmically.

Repeating the words uttered by class prefect

They were practicing mathematic tables;

His mind focused neither on the kite,

Nor on the boring activity.

What a tragedy it was, he thought,

So hard to put his hand in the pocket

Under teacher’s piercing eyes,


At last he had the opportunity

As teacher admonished the prefect

For his silly mistake,

He had enough time

The thing  transported in a flash

To a new location, under his tongue.

His lips gave a victory smile,

And kept performing the movement;

He had reason to be satisfied;

He could enjoy the sweet under the tongue

Without affecting the movement of his lips;

It hardly mattered, if a sound was uttered or not

With fifty voices yelling around.


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