A Moon-Lit Night – Swati Choudhury, Odisha


moonFrom amongst many in the sky,

Moon- a big, white pearl, so high !!

Emitting its rays all around,

Adding to the stillness of sound,

Like an angel, all in white,

And her mystery in the calm night,

The moon has lit the earth below,

The message of rest and sleep follow.


In the calmness of air,

The dazzling moon , so fair!

Adorned all around by the stars,

Like glittering stones in the far fars..

The sleeping earth sees not,

Itself glimmered by the moon hot !

The voice of the night birds hidden,

Adding to the faint sound then !


A zephyr slowly passes,

And hits the bats in traces.

Invisible though it is,

Maladroit leaves, shaken by the breeze !

Leaves hindering  the racy moon’s sight,

By waving against the moon light .

The night birds full of zing,

Seeing the white zippy ring,

Which brings them the fittest hour,

To flap and fly, not to hover !



In the still dark night,

Shining bright with all its might,

Reflected in the clear water,

Is the moon and its patter.

The white night flowers blossom,

Oh !! they look pretty awesome.

They engulf the reflected moon,

And guard its beauty in the pond down.


The moon, then, smiles with pride

The serene, faint scene, it did guide..

Its presence was the essence,

For all, that happened in sequence.

The moon is ready to part,

As the twilight wants to dart.

In the vast, clear, blue sky,

Stars, vanishing in the heaven high.

The moon left with passions meek,

In the twilight, it appears peak !

The lovely moon is now gone,

And  earth is adorned by the dawn !



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