Friday, December 2, 2022

A night to remember


Stay up all night with me for once, I say

Don’t complain we have work the very next day

Step out and behold the magic of moonbeams

Our banal rooftop is now someplace of fairy tales and dreams

The crisp cold wind washes away the traces

Of exhaustion and distress on our faces

Just then, the moon hides behind the clouds

For now, so do our worries and doubts

Annoyance fades and amazement lights up your eyes

As you look up and admire the starry night sky

The date hues of black and blue, so full of mystery

We get carried away in the nature’s artistry

The silence soothes the soul so broken and weak

And heals all the wounds of which we never speak

The dusky night with its twinkling stars

Become the secret healer of all our scars

Rediscovering the light within and again things feel right

All the glory of the majestic night

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Anushka Dey
Anushka Dey
Anushka Dey is a young poet based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India with an interest in creative writing. Her works have been previously published at The Ruskin Journal & ARU Unity Zine.


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