Thursday, February 9, 2023

Am I the same what I was? – Praveen Kumar Sharma- Chhattisgarh


20120911_am-iI had born free

Now am I a striver

I used to be driven

But Now I am a driver


I was being taken care of

But now I forgot to care

I got loved from many

But now I am unable to share


I have learnt to keep promises

To fulfill it all one or more

Now I have broken down many

Seems like I don’t remember them anymore


I was taught to speak the truth

To hate the lies and to avoid those who speaks it

But I am a liar today

Still hates but those who points me about it


I always believed others

Same did by them

Now I started doubting others

In return looses trust have by them


Being united was I ever believe in

And togetherness was my strength all over

Now I want to part everyone

Thus I am alone with faces like me everywhere


I never tried to take others credit

And always want to distribute what I have

Today I want to rule others

And can do anything to acquire what they have


I knew that there is only one Almighty

And we all are sons of the same

But now I found for me a different GOD

And hates those who doesn’t follow the same


I saw the girls as my sisters

Respect the feminism and follow humanism

Now I treat them as an object

Cheat them beat them and practice brutalism


I was not bad…Yes never I was

Then from where this shift arrived in me

Is it possible for me to be good again?

Will that change appear again ever in me?


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