Thursday, February 9, 2023

An Elegy for nature – Navaneetha.G, Kerala



As the morn arose
With hope and enthusiasm
A quick dash
And reached the station.
We leaned in our seats,
And the boredom vanished
At the whistle of the train.

It wasn’t for the first time
But for many-
I had been to my place for vacation.
A time to enjoy and relax
Without the heavy books and encyclopedias.

My eyes fell on the wonderful
Greenery of the nature.
And I remembered that
Each day is a new revelation of beauty,
The moving train gave me
Promises of incredible beauty.

I saw wide pastures grazed by the cows
The wild flowers that added charm
And the mighty rivers that flowed.
As the careless lads immersed in plays;
Lazy lasses gazing at the passing train;
The sleepy passengers in their daydreams
I listened still
To the dazzling noise of the train.

My mind moved away to my younger days.
The days when I travelled long trips,
The enthusiasm that made me
Sit near the window seat
And enjoy the scenic beauty of nature,
Passing hills and towns
My eyes rolled down for a catchy sight.

Thoughts gathered in me
About the heavenly beauty of nature;
The days when she was
Fascinated by everyone.

The greedy hands of man
Made her frightful,
She is now imploring for a protector.
And a time will come
When we will suffer for the great loss
Coz of what we have done to her.

She cared us, preserved us,
Loved us more
And provided us with security.
It is an unfailing truth that
we are destroying our mother


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