Another old song.. – Tara G Menon


Memories that give colours to my solitude
Voices of past, filling my silent room
Your gifts, that I’ll treasure a lifetime
They’ll be my possessions, most priced

An anchor that binds my boat of thoughts
From drifting away into turbulent seas
A confidente, I pour my soul to
When this big, bad world threatens me

Keep me bound in your thread, invisible
For my still mind is easily rippled
Don’t let go, even if I say so
For any other way, I don’t know.


  1. Hi Tara: Beautiful poem. Memories: A world to seek refuge, when the artificial reality hinders. Captivating and evoking. Congrats.!!

  2. What can i say of this miniature of shining pearl. We are all bound by threads connected. some our life blood, our only left joy. some makes us a burden. some of which we are enslaved. Three cheers.

  3. @ Kamala : Yes Memories provide refuge when you are left without a shelter in the heat of the world.Thanks for reading.
    @Darsana : “We are all bound by threads connected”,yes,bound tightly to some and maybe loosely to others,Yet bound together.Thanks for the comment @Maju chettan : Thank you @D Thank you for reading

  4. Something to hold on to in life and so true your memories can not be taken from you. Lovely poem enjoyed reading it.


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