Beauty – Anand GR Viswanathan


Beauty is The Promise
We keep rising from a failure!
Beauty is the Innocence Smile and Curiosity
We observe in our Child!
Beauty is the Small Sacrifices
Made to raise us by our Parent!
Beauty is the Smile and Unconditional Love
We share with our Friends!
Beauty is the Valuable Lessons
We learnt from our school Teachers!
Beauty is the Maturity
We developed working with our Colleagues!
Beauty is the Helping Hand
We lend to someone who remain unknown!
Beauty is the Kind Word
We share with a stranger!
Beauty is the eternal Pain
We get when you lose someone special!
Beauty is The Spiritual Belief
We get when we pray the Almighty!
Beauty is The Sizzling Pleasure
We receive watching the rising Sun!
Beauty is The Thanks
We say everyday to our selfless Nature!
Beauty is the Perfect Imperfection
We did to learn new things!
Beauty is the Sweet Success
We achieve for our hard work!
Beauty is the Beautiful Life
We make to live and let others live!
And finally…
Beauty is the Complete Satisfaction
We get for being Ourselves!



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