Cages and Prison – Snigdha Jain, Rajasthan


Cages don’t need to be visible,
Prison don’t need to be tangible,
Entrapped as we all are,
Despite the so called freedom we have.

Thoughts don’t seem to be empowering,
Feelings don’t seem to be transcending,
Trapped as we all are in our minds
and our body.

Freedom is a costly luxury,
Priced in terms of humanity,
Over the history and through the time,
was it gained or was it denied.

The world we live in, the society we breathe in,
The customs we follow, the rules we obey,
The paths we walk, the actions we take,
The decisions we make, the heads we turn,
is it truly autonomous or is home just another roundhouse.

Its time to break the shackles and confinement,
Its time to let go, its time to take charge,
Its time to take control, to choose your own destiny,
to make your own path.

Cages can be broken, prisons and be shattered,
If were all in this together, no one has the power,
The power to push us in the boxes,
which they label as freedom.


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