Conquistadors – Sudhanshu Bhandari, Uttarakhand


A bunch of rowdies from Isabella’s plague infested cities;

Cross the Terra Incognito to plague the inhabitants of the New World;

Mankind before had never seen conflicts between two more unequal civilisations;

This was a clash between the ‘Heathen’ and the bearers of Christ’s benevolence.

A clash between peace loving and war-mongering nations;

A conflict between the ‘Obsidian swords’ and ‘ Brute Steel’;

A war raged for gore, greed and a gullible monarchy.

Columbus, you are now crowned in glory;

The whole world celebrates your triumphant entry;

Pity that humans have so short a memory;

Shame that Man is so gullible a creature;

Anger that a manipulative media is so unhistorical.

If the millions of innocent butchered in cold blood;

From Hispaniola to Machu Pichu reflect deeds worthy of emulation and adulation;

Then all the Pol-Pots and psychopathic dictators of today are but children of these Spanish Pioneers.

Columbus, you and your younger sibling are guilty of crimes against humanity;

For which, if tried, even Nuremburg would pale into insignificance;
But alas! This world remembers only One Hitler; whereas, O shameless Pizarro and Cortez!

Your loins were made of the same filthy stiff as the Fascists we all love to hate.


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