Cry of Humanity – Abha Goel, Delhi


Blood, despair, dismay,
Terror shadowing the town,
Everybody is silent, by some unknown eyes
We are being eyed..
And deep inside the cucoomb,
The hearts are crying…
Step by step, is someone approaching?
With a little disturbance,
I feel the turn is mine…
They have weapons, they have ak-36
With a single shot our lives can be in a fix…
Thousands of you, me and I
Have earlier been swallowed,
These merciless hearts without a hitch,
Have galloped our counterparts,
In front of none they have bowed..
mandir, masjid for them doesn’t exist,
They neither are the racist,
Behind those masks
are human disguised devils.
Who just want hatred, violence, death based evils…

Suddenly the silence is broken,
By a child’s wailing,
And our hiding spots are exposed,
It’s the time you guys should mourn….
The firing begins,
Women, men, children
All are alike,
For those devils, life is not a precious gift,
But they value their gun,
With a press of button their work is done.
In no time in front of my eyes,
Flows the blood,
Screams are so heart piercing,
But helpless I sit,
Because on every news channel it is a buzz…
taj hotel which is a brand name,
Is now drowned for three days,
In a hide and seek game.
Yes, my previous stanzas are out of the heart
Of people,
Who are caught inside..
Trembling, pleading for their lives,
Men trying to safe their children and wife.
For them death is now costlier than life,
They are caught in fear,
Caught in four walls,
Trapped under a ceiling,
Over which once hung a beautiful chandelier…
Once marbelled floors and corners decorated with vases,
are now reduced to ashes.
the bombings and firings,
have supressed the voice of masses…
now,it is a fight for humanity,
we cannot compensate the deaths of many,
but individuals nd media need to plunge into action,
its the time when we all should stand one..
many kasabs have come and may come in future,
but we need to ger up and be prepared,
so that we can retort back to those who are callous…
those tears,fears ,drearies be burried..
a safety wall be built up,
against the losses and pain,
terrorism did..

the voice of humanity is
floating in atmosphere,
wailing,trembling and pleading
to stand against terrorism,

to take the revenge of families and insecure people
who are now living in despair…


  1. Yes we have to stand together against terrorism, wherever, whenever and what ever it might demand. A poem portraying the need of the hour


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