Destiny – Dare to be different – Shruti Suresh


Born with birth, Dies with death,
A page of life, lies hidden at birth,
Slowly it begins to show at times,
When it is seen by the powerful mind.

Some surrender their soul,
Which is what makes a being whole,
Bow their heads in acceptance,
Never think or see beyond the fence.

They walk where they see light,
Saying it comes from above,
Never try to ponder or fight,
Or even question Why? When? or How?

No urge to venture, slip astray,
From the plain, clear, bright pathway,
Never do they once stop to think,
That the decision to surrender was theirs to take.

A simple truth, a simple lie,
Which one? One can never decide,
Faith is all that makes a mark,
A difference between light and dark.

Life was blessed to try its own strength,
The soul can go to any length,
To conquer all that mind is set for,
Mind, has the power to wage any war.

The beginning, the end,
A decision, divine.
The life in-between,
To be written line by line.

With every step taken anew,
Is recorded a step before,
A new thought arises about the next step,
And that’s how the story goes.

In the end…

It’s a chapter we write,
After the introduction until the epilogue,
And that’s what destiny is all about,
Begins with birth, Dies at death,
A chapter in-between,


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