Sunday, February 5, 2023

Enigma – Suryasri Saha, Kolkata


Sometimes I feel lost not
in this enigmatic cosmos
but within my own enigma
nursing the myriad me in
diverse seasons and in more
diverse moments until I finally
find a way out only to find out I
am yet again into another facet of
It’s then that realization dawns and
I begin to contemplate how we go
on finding and divining the ways of this
universe without realizing there’s a
whole cosmos right here within us which
is yet to be discovered and divined,
which is yet to be traveled and unraveled,
whose ways are yet to be paved and
mend and once all these gets done,
escape would become difficult as
you would finally realize the world
within yourself is in no way less
than the most captivating places of the
world, in no way less than the most
serene ones and in no way less than
anything that can ever be..
It’s then when you would finally divine
the great enigma that you are yet wont
ever divine it completely..

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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