Ephemeral – Rhea Plawat, Gujarat


The minute we sat, I fully fathomed
His bottomless eyes, black and stoned
I had entered his sea, currents astray
They said he was unique and what could I say
His thoughts like tides, twisted each time
I watched him afloat and wanted him mine

I’d step slightly close to pierce his stare
To drink his scent, to breathe his air
His voice liquid aroma, candy and gin
Lured me deeper and deeper into him
My muffled words, could he not sense
my fantasy, my craving, my limerence?

A moment I recall, a moment so rare
Our fingers rubbed, a flushed stare
Chilling me whole, his touch- a burn
I dropped my guard, a soulful yearn
Absorbing a shiver, my hopes anew
And for that one moment he felt it too

I hunted for signs, those eyes I explored
But time had passed, that moment no more
My cherished dream, my hope was it?
Or back to his shell did he limit?
I’d rather it be a treasured insight
For that one moment was my infinite

I still breathe through the silence on phone
‘Cause the minute we sat, I fully fathomed
The currents astray, I had entered his sea
But I won’t give up, I’ll row my broken ferry
For only he can urge my barren heart rain
So maybe tomorrow, I’ll try again.


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