Every Rise Hesitantly Shines… – Kesav Venkat Easwaran


Every rise hesitantly shines
In anguish anxious dies;
Leaves legacy of hopefulness,
The world in darkness remains…

That, what risen up ominous,
Won’t fade away easy fast;
God or faith or doctrine no;
This blood thirsty dragon has…

A rise that preaches odium
That practices killing art,
Until it sets for once and all,
How much painful rise and fall
This horizon witness shall?


  1. We want a dynamic India
    , he made us to go there,
    on this day 21st May we lost him….now bloodsheds of many innocent Indians, This blood thirsty dragon has…

    A rise that preaches …. we must fight for unity and….this poet console us

  2. The hopefulness and anguish of the poet is well warranted. Dear Easwaran….since blood is thicker than water….the bad blood need to be extinguished…..the purification is not far away….

  3. This poem beautifully expresses the anguish within all of peace-loving humanity at the illusion of separation that hatred has created. The poem though short, contains a lot of depth in terms of emotional outpouring for a better more love filled planet.

  4. Hope is the torch we hold high
    Faith the flag mast we hold fast A rising we shall see When man will hold another hand Stand side by side heedless Of caste creed or class When Humananity shall rise as one Against the Dragon and It no more will be True Peace thentheir anthem shall be. Deep thoughts and a Great work Kesavji, Angel.

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