Failure is a fearful feeling – Sabin John


Sabin John

Failure is a fearful feeling

You know not the future

Nor the course of today

That the life tree seems to fall.

Look at the child

Who learns to walk

He falls and cries again

And then gets up to fall again.

Falls again and again

Then he finds the strength

To walk a step and stand still

Again another step forward.

He gains a positive feeling

That guides him along

And he makes further steps

Thus he walks along.

Failure is the first step

To climb the ladder of success

If only you get up

And walk and walk to success.


  1. Failure brings the untapped power if one identify that source, ofcourse with the positive and passionate belief one can find that source. the power to move further. positive lines there buddy…

  2. Success and failure depends on one’s expectation ! Life is too vast, mysterious and subtle to be predictable and yielding to human logic. Once you start living without expectations, the duality of success and failure ceases to haunt you. Besides, success and failure is also a matter of perception. Nothing bad comes without some good attached to it, nor does anything good comes without some bad attached to it. And sometimes what you perceive as success later turns out to be failure and vice versa. Life would be so simple and hassle free, living moment to moment, doing what you want to, and expecting nothing !

  3. Very good poem. The poet is talented and inspiring. Like to read more of his poems in the future in this web journal. Kindly publish such poems which carry positive messages for the readers and such poems are easy to understand by ordinary readers like me. Please publish more of his works. Keep it up.


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