Farewell, My Memories – Christina Alex, Kerala


Blurred figures zoom by my window,
A few of which I do not recognize,
Yet the bulk of them are those,
That are memories to me in disguise.
Fields, pastures and rivers go by,
Pulling me away from all I hold dear,
Faces in the clouds sneer and jeer,
Knowing my pain of having no one near.
I made the choice of leaving behind,
The world that meant everything to me,
Now a new world I’ve built in my mind,
A world that I hope I will find.
This long journey isn’t tiresome anymore,
It has given me time to regret and reflect,
On all those times I chose to abandon,
That part of my life that I’ chose to neglect.
This train is taking me far away,
From the place where my memories lie,
The figures in front of me sway,
As I bid those happy times goodbye.



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