Thursday, February 9, 2023

Father to Son – P A Noushad, Kerala


My dear son,
your birth, your existence:
The joy I cannot tell in words!
Dear son I dream
about your future –
A great comfort and consolation.

My son, let me insist that
you will only tell truths in your life.
But remember
you can tell the truth
Only when you perceive that many in the society are liars,
and that they are made up of their lies, their self-made cocoons of lies,
or my dear son you could be exploited and crushed.

Dear son, let my death never get you tired,
Go ahead righteously,
Be the shoulder for family
And comfort for society.
Dear son, your mother might feel
More alone after I’m gone,
Read her heart and hold her close.

My son, when our money fame and power are wasted,
Many among our friends leave us in lurch.
Don’t be disappointed:
That’s the way of the world.

Dear son, God exists not with those who shout
And are boastful of their piety,
But with those who wither in silent services.

Dear son, do not be afraid of the vast evil force fields,
Remember that the ultimate victory is of the truth always.
Dear, you have to follow the current of your conscience,
Not the stream of the society.

Dear son, feel the spirit of the universe in you
when the breeze pats you, when the flower smiles at you,
when the river lulls you to sleep,
when the bird wakes you up…

Dear, you recognize that every day you learn new texts
and that experience is the greatest teacher in the world.

Show, my son, to the world that the most expensive treasure is the time and how best to use it.

My son, embrace the firmament, recognize the immortality of the soul and remember that the truth cannot survive in luxury and that you should walk the earth with the onus of humility.

Dear son, I dream that only success and happiness visit you.
But my darling, you may have to face failures and bitternesses too:
be calm and steady to face both sides of the life.

Dear my son, find happiness in the values that I have drawn through my life.

Dear son, I kiss on your forehead and our souls embrace each other.
I don’t know dear,
If after my death,
In this unending universe,
Whether we’d meet again or not.
Somewhere? Sometime?
Would we then remember
You as my son and I your father!
Our life on earth!

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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