Gendered Realities -Dr Anupama Chowdhury, Burdwan


neon-gender-body-partsI looked into your eyes for an assurance

Of my human supposition  

In the stalactites of your cold-reluctance

Saw my opposed construction.


Genus: wo(MAN)

, Species: sub-human

“Oh, is this the all that you can?”

Height: Five feet six inches

“A woman always with nuances.”

Features: regular, Complexion: wheatish

“A little too frank but not boorish.”

Vital statistics: approved, branded—

With these you make me stranded.


A sexed body wi


a sexed assimilation

Sexual Body and the Textual Body

Nothing beyond this Gendered Body

Bodily matters and Matters of the Body….

Entrapped, claustrophobic, my voice stifled

Hesitating with my own self

, half-mangled

I need no rhymes, I need no sentences

For entrapped are my utterances.

Not a Daughter, Not a Wife

or a Mother

In your peripheral Space always the Other

Deconstruct Me for once to Reconstruct

The concrete Self and not the abstract.


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