Hues of Rain! – Sethu, Kerala


Never before was the rain so enchanting,

murky and placid lay the deserted shore,

mushy wind brushing by,

chirping birds shiver and shy,

lazy dawns and sopped twilight,

memories envelop the endless nyts,

Never before was the rain so melodious ,

dripping, gushing, swaying careless,

animating abeyant lives,

soaking parched dreams,

drip by drip did she caress..

wrapped in her arms,

bosomed in the warmth,

ever again she proved her prowess…

Never before was the rain so immoral,

dallying and toying with virgin gaze,

spooning and mooning earth with delicate ace

draped in nimbus, she looked graced

lost in her rupture

like a child,

I was amazed!


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