Illusion – Pallabita Bora, Assam


O’ Blithe soul!
The envoy of peace
How blessed you are indeed!
The blue sky is all yours,
All birds your cohort,
And a carefree and blissful life you live.
Athwart the sea, over the mountains,
Beyond the horizon you fly,
Praising His creation, cursing man
You utter – fie human fie!

Indomitable, unstoppable, fiery you are
Unlike me, trapped in life’s mire.
I take a leap… fall… and lurch.
They consider me to be fluky
And are in praise at my fate
But they fail to see the sting,
Which I suffer and hate.

How I wish to fly like you!
To explore the splendor all through
To feel the breeze and touch the sky
And sing songs of love true.
Dreams are but sham
And man a mere marionette
His fate lies at submission
As life’s an illusion!


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