Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Men’s Legend – Roshanara Meherin


Ah! Friendship,
time’s cruel teaser,
the enchanting musk of
many a  hunt.

Stories shared
in the endless freedom
of a pillion ride,
that later stared skyward
lying stark naked on a
seductive river’s bank.

It reminds of the
cheap wine’s taste ,
the bar’s dim lighting,
the power that lay within
the tanned muscles sewn well
into the seeking looks of desire;
burning many a flirting eye
and the first dip into
red folds of yielding flesh..

It battled in fistfights for silly politics,
later chewed and spat,
smelled of the shared sweat
on somebody’s new shirt
and thawed shamelessly
with the first defense
for that bitch, lady love!

How it fattened all the male pigs
and spiced up being a man;
but the ‘man’ didn’t intrude much,
to slice the feeling,
It was just be, where it was left to be!

Then, the world had a much bigger dial;
Life was but the seconds
washed up aimlessly under
bridges who saw
suppressed retches
of a silly hangover.

Bygone, betrothed and
bequeathed by generations
they are iced memories,
frothing warmly
on the rocks;
but now ,tied around
the surging  hormones
in a tight leather strap.

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.



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