Midnight Thought – Paavni Agarwal, Bengaluru


“Its 12 am,
and mom thinks you are asleep,
yet you lie here,
but you are not gleaming at me.
What makes you think you can’t shine?
Why do you feel so low?
You are not incapable,
I know you too can glow.
You say you are not like me,
I believe it though,
you are you, and you can shine,
even if you have failed twenty times in a row.
So close your eyes now,
And dream your favourite dream.
The journey is tough I know,
It is a task upstream.
But you will reach,
and fly too,
because if a ball of dust can shine,
So can you.
So goodnight my child,
Don’t think beyond joy,
some day you will shine.”
said the stars to the boy.


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