Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Mindscape -Anil K Prasad, KSA


I wake up after a dream

And I move out into the unconscious

That is spread out in front-

Of my window on

The beautiful desert landscape

Of the neighboring Empty Quarters

That interacts with the senses

And with the tips of tiny icebergs hidden

And ride the boats of the past

To reach the haven of future

On the waves of the present sandy moments

The oars roar with the racy vehicles

On the conscious asphalt

Senses too are conscious

Of the heat and dust and the breeze of the changing season

The dewdrops meditating on the cores of the xerophytes

And bury themselves in the subconscious

The caravans of cars and camels pass

The senses devoting

Themselves to the destination

Of the great landscape

Crossing the mirage of conscious mind

Of the great glasshouse

Splinters blaze on the sandy terrain

Waiting for the rain and rhythm

Of the tiny drops that will moisten  their lips

For the voice of tomorrow

That will open their windows

Showing us the striking landscape

With a  tableau of hues and dunes

That will soothe the soles of  souls

A rosary that turns like a wheel of will

Merging today’s pains and tomorrow’s gains

In the eternities of space and speechlessness…

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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