My Life – Sandhya S.N, Kerala


My life
an unstable restive pendulum
With irregular unmanageable pro-lapse
I hung on its hand
Grouse, sob, whine and sometimes smile
My heart rumbles as a roaring sea
Its tides ebb and fade..
I feel a flood which twirl within
Ha! in-between a soothing peace
Again … Ohh it is back again…
For what?
till when?
I don’t know still…


  1. But each beat does mean something in the clock of time…Every beat counts

    Maybe so does each life,when seen as whole…The universe,the master clock…

    All the best!

  2. Quite mysterious is the tick-tock clock….however the every beat records a footprint as best as it can…..The hopefulness and hopelessness is mingled up in the poem to bring out an emotion as simple as drop in the rain….

  3. Rightly said life a pendulum swings from unknown to unknown, the uncertainties of future makes us stoic…

  4. The tick tock continues.Uncertainty is the beauty of life.Even if we accept it or not,that is the truth.Each beat counts,with its varied emotions.Good work.Thanks for sending the link.Cheers Sreeja

  5. Dear sandhya jee…
    Fabulous poem…..
    its tides ebb and fade …it is really dancing
    It is back again ……………Nothing to worry its is there again to salute you.
    because you have made up your mind to go forward
    not only in its roaring form but in its soothing peace.
    till when ……………………..Until you leave the pendulum of your heart. O.k

  6. Life at times vacillate like a pendulum with ‘irregular unmanageable pro-lapses ‘as It ticks on and on trying to splinter the present with its arm, cloaking the truth; you hanging on to it, swinging between the extreme ends of a wistful past and an unpredictable future; you ” grouse, sob, whine and sometimes smile” in the process. A beautiful and powerful analogy.
    The allegory of the rumbling heart and roaring sea enfolds so much of emotions underneath; its tide ebbing and fading, conjure up images of a sea of feelings flooding your heart.
    The last lines amply reveal the pathetic reality of life with all its qualms… ‘for what? till when? I don’t know still…’

  7. Restlessness reflected in one’s life conveyed beautifully. The search is never ending for all of us. All the best.


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