My Sister – Ashish Nandwani – Chandigarh

The dizzy mornings,
Delight of waking you up,

Romping with your eye lashes,
My stage craft and dramas..
Adamance to make you smile at the first light…!!!

Hitting my ears whole day,
The lyrical experiences you have to tell,
Dancing upon your exuberance,
Just hope u have some of your animation to sell!!!

Thrashing each other when we do fight,
And then again in some time ,
We get it right.

Lot of ache when I’m away,
Gripping my eyes,It was your hustle;
Driving me to a score of silence,Your impression..
Even with the Stiff of moments,
I would never want you to sway…

Notching every corner of success,
I’ll be there to hold your hand,
To see u have a ball;
I just feel you’re coming off age,
Never made me feel…”you are so small”


  1. The poem by A. Nandwani (“My Sister”) has kindled my childhood days when my sister and I would play, quarrel, study, sleep and worship. It has many a points to ponder.

  2. An ode to human relationships ; brings out  the essence of life’s real meaning to ponder over.  


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